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5663 Lincoln Avenue, Suite E, Cypress CA 90630 - Let's talk (English & Español): (714) 503-9800

We are very grateful that you’ve chosen to take the time to learn about us. Our headquarters are located in Cypress, California, and family-owned and operated since 2011. Since our foundation, we have helped thousands of drivers with, Defensive Driving courses, Driver’s Education, Traffic School Courses, and Teen/Adult Driving Lessons.

We offer personalized, one-on-one instruction at convenient times. Every lesson given by us includes FREE pick-up/drop-off for the driving lessons. We believe that one-on-one instruction builds confidence and is a key to safety.

We are not in the business to simply teach students to pass the road test; we’re here to teach the students to drive safely.

Our mission

We established our driving school to give the best, most professional and friendly driving instruction throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. Our mission is to exceed your expectations and all of our instructors believe in our core value of teaching you to drive safely for life and not just to pass your driving test.

All of our courses are tailored to suit each student’s individual needs. We provide beginner lessons, advanced classes, refresher lessons, driver education, and traffic school.

All of our instructors are DMV certified and go through extensive training and safety checks. Every vehicle we have also s dual controls (gas and brake), commercially insured and bonded.

Our team of both Male and Female, instruct in various new cars. All of our vehicles are fully insured, bonded, and all of our instructors are DMV approved, providing instruction in a safe and friendly learning environment.

During each lesson, students learn the basic rules of the road, defensive driving techniques, freeway driving (upon request and if ready for it), and prepared for the road test. Whether you are a brand-new driver, a driver looking to prepare for the road test, or a licensed driver looking to improve your driving skills, we are your best option.

The only thing standing between you and your license is a call away.

Are your instructors fully qualified?

All our instructors are fully qualified driving instructors. They’re experienced teachers and will help you pick up driving in no time.

Every member of our team of driving instructors has an Occupational Driving Instructor license and meets the Department of Motor Vehicles after meeting all California State requirements.

Where do your driving instructors operate?

We have over 20 instructors in locations across Orange County, so pretty much wherever you are in the county we’ll have a top-rated driving instructor for you!

Do your instructors teach on weekends?

We have instructors available on both weekends and weekdays. Plus, unlike many other driving schools, we won’t charge you more on weekends or evenings!

There are pros and cons to having your driving lessons at the weekend. One perk is that roads tend to be less busy compared to weekdays. On the other hand, if you have a preferred instructor, you may have to wait slightly longer to be matched with the same instructor if you’re only available at weekends. The shortest wait times would be during the day mid-week, as that’s when the most instructors are available.

We will do our best to work around your schedule! Just keep in mind that the more flexible you are with availability, the easier it will be to get your appointment with the same instructor if you have a preferred one.

Can I learn with a female driving instructor?

We realize that some people would prefer to have a female instructor. If you have a gender preference, just pop a note to our Customer Happiness team on live chat or by phone before or while you are making your booking.

While we’ll be sure to take note of your preference, there are fewer female instructors around, so they tend to be in higher demand. If you’re really keen on learning with a female instructor, we’ll try our best to make that happen, but it could take us a bit longer to get your appointment.

That said, we believe genders are irrelevant when it comes to finding an excellent instructor! All our instructors are highly qualified, and DMV checked to ensure you a safe (and totally awesome!) learning experience.

Reserve your spot now! (714) 503-9800

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