How old do I have to be to get my permit?
How old do I have to be to get my driving license?
What are the requirements to take my driving test if I am under 18?
My child has not taken a driver education class and has not taken the written knowledge test. What do we do?
Do I need my permit or license with me when I go out driving?
Can you pick me up at home or school for my driving lessons?
I lost my permit. Do I need it for my driving lesson?
What are private behind-the-wheel lessons?
What days can I schedule my driving lessons?
Do your cars have dual controls?
Is there anything I can do besides 6 hours behind the wheel training to improve my driving or the chances of passing the road test the first time?
I've taken my written test and 6 hours, but I'm still not feeling confident. What can I do?
Can you take our child to the road test when the time comes?


How does the DMV know you completed the course?
What if I fail the exam?
Will there be a test?
How long does the course take?
Is the course difficult?
Am I eligible to attend?
Is this course approved?
What's a comedy traffic school?
Why Attend Traffic School?
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