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Transportation can be a real challenge to an older person's ability to live independently. Some people remain good drivers into their nineties. Others face physical problems that can make driving unsafe. Most Americans of all ages love their cars. Cars give us mobility and freedom, as well as a sense of safety, privacy, convenience, and comfort.

However, some physical and other changes associated with aging can affect a person's ability to drive safely. For these reasons, safe driving is the major transportation issue most older Americans face. Driving is likely to be more than a practical issue. It is often linked to feelings of competence, independence, and being part of society.Some older drivers worry excessively and without sufficient cause that they are no longer safe behind the wheel. By taking refresher courses or instruction from professional school personnel, older drivers can frequently achieve an increased skill level in driving as well as lower the rate of accidents and fatalities per mile. When older drivers don't acknowledge difficulties with driving, they present the greater problem to themselves and to others.

Senior Citizens Driving Program at American Freedom Driving School

We welcome Senior Citizens to our program with the specific mission of helping good, mature drivers develop their driving skills to adjust to today's faster, sometimes scary conditions.

Fifty percent of vehicle sales are SUV's, vans, and trucks these days. These vehicles are much more powerful than previously. Many large vehicles mover very quickly; they often exceed speed limits, change lanes suddenly...without signaling, and they often tailgate; it's as if to say, "Here I come, get out of the way!"

Drivers over 50 years of age (Seniors) may have slower reactions. American Freedom Driving School teaches defensive driving techniques that help older drivers to protect themselves from red-light runners, to compensate for slower reactions, and clear step-by-step procedures enabling them to achieve increased safety while driving in congested areas, both on surface streets and freeways.

Established in 1995, the American Freedom Driving School is one of the leading professional driving schools in California. It has achieved high acclaim for personal attention to the individual needs of its clients, from teenagers to seniors who have reached their 70s, 80s, and beyond. Professional, experienced staff members are assigned on the basis of the client's specific needs and skill level.

Refresher behind-the-wheel lessons for Seniors are now being offered at special discounted rates. Clients may use their own car or late model dual-controlled cars operated by American Freedom Driving School.

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